How to place your order

  • Click the order button/flag with the language of your choice
  • Enter your personal data
  • Choose your indiviual demand for goods on the order list
  • Send your order

What happens next?

We take your order and buy the goods.

This is how the delivery is made:

  • When your order is ready for delivery, you will receive a telephone call telling you the day and time of the delivery as well as the costs of your purchase.
  • Hold the money ready in an envelope.
  • On the day of the delivery we put the package in front of your door and ring the bell.
  • You open the door, take the package inside and put the envelope with the money in front of the door.
  • Our deliverer takes the money and leaves.

If you want to place your order via telephone, give us a call on Mo + Fr between 14–16:30 p.m. and Tue, Wed, Thu between 9–11:30 p.m. under: +49 (0)7252 58690-200 via e-mail: